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Saturday, November 3, 2012

The LaLaLa Cottage Boutique Nov 3, 2012

These are pictures of my table at the LaLaLa Cottage Boutique. A big thank you to  Christine Stokes for opening her home to several crafters and vendors. I truly enjoyed my self and sold some of my wares in the process. I am new to the selling part of crafting so having the opportunity to practice setting up and selling is good for me.  I also get to see what sells the most and what I can do to improve my business. I have quite a eclectic mix of items to sell. I have so many kind of crafts I like to do. I think things went well.        
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October Stamp Club 2012

we went with Christmas this month this is Chris's lovely card
Michele made this gift card holder and she had a chocolate in the pocket but someone must have eaten it hmmmmm I wonder who.....
Michele was also the hostess and she had this adorable card for us to make. I love the layers and bling.
Terri stamped this card and it has an old fashion feel to it, she sanded the embossed poinsettias 
This card is from our newcomer Cheri, she is our Cricut girl. I love the glue and scissors.
I contributed this wreath card. I punched a million snowflakes and came up with this card. I like to try different colors for Christmas.
Carey is the creator of this masterpiece 
Kim created this wonderful card. I am going to go with this fold for some ornaments for my stick tree. 
Jene stamped this classic card. I love the clean lines.
Terri taught us this technique for our make and take it looks so elegant but really is not that hard to do. You just have to know the secret or be a fan of  Stampinwithfrenchie.

July Stamp Club 2012

I am posting out of order, I realized that I missed posting the July Stamp Club and so here they are. I was not in attendance so I dont know the who created these cards. We love to play the game who can guess who made the cards by the style they are. All of us ladies have our go to techniques and they show up on our cards which makes it easy to guess. I think that we have been stepping outside our "boxes" so that makes guessing a lot more challenging. 
The challenge was to make a masculine birthday card.
This feels like Terri's card
I am thinking this is Michele's card
oh wait I got this one down easy its's mine lol
Terri had this for the make and take it is sooooooo dang cute.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stamp Club Sept 2012

this is Michele's
Well, I finally made it to a Stamp Club event. I would have thought that being off most of the summer I could have gone to the two stamp clubs. I have gotten so behind with my blog I decided to start fresh with Sept. I missed taking pictures of the two summer sessions. If I get a chance I will catch up later.

This is Jene's 

this is Cindy's

tis is Cheri's

the inside

this is Terri's

this is Kim's

this is Carey's

this is Chris's ( sorry Chris I ate the candy before I got home lol if you look closely you can see a tiny bit of the wrapper behind the teeth)

this is mine (Cynthia's)

this is Camille's She said,
'I looked inside and visualized it in 3D and thought it looked beautiful"

Kim's make and take

this is the inside and it holds a gift card.
this is Terri's make and take 

this is the 2nd card of Terri's

and this is her third beautiful make and take.
We often call stamp club our therapy group and I really did miss it. Thanks girls.