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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Teacher Appreciation week

Well let me tell you how much fun I had with teacher appreciation. To be honest I was a little leery to accept the assignment.  I often have grand ideas of how I want to do things and then get too bogged down with the preparations i never get anything done. Having the whole class depending on me was a great catalyst. I am so lucky I had an inside person helping me out. I am unable to be at school in the mornings due to that I work. My amazing daughter and helper made sure everything got off without a hitch. 
This was for the teachers favorite color. 

Every student brought a flower one day so I made this vase to hold them. I heard we got so many flowers  she needed two vases. 

This bucket was to hold all the items for snack day. 
One day the students wrote a letter to the teacher. I bound them in this book for her to keep and read whenever she wanted.