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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stateline NV.

3 flowers done.

Crafting my way to Las Vegas

I am very good at keeping myself busy, I rarely ever get bored. I just have too many fun things I can do. We are going to LV for the Deaf World Expo. I have 4 hours to craft away. The first hour it was too dark to do anything so I just watched the scenery. Then when to sun started to rise crafting away I go!!! This is my first completed project. Felt flowers.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Close ups of butterfly birthday card.

Second card done!

I am in love with this one. I used the same concept as in the previous card. I just cut the size in half. It came tog really easy. I think I have nailed it with this one. Yay.

The matching card

Just finished the card to go with this frame. Gotta get started on the other card.

Here are some frames my daughter and I madeover.

Hi, my daughter and I spent some crafty time tog. making these frames. I forgot to take the before picture and our creative process shots. I plan on going back for more frames and I'll take a picture tutorial on the next batch. These are for Denise and Alissa who have bithdays this weekend.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Birthday Waterfall Card

my masculine birthday card.

close-up of candles

I added glitter to the flames.

I used a leaf punch from Martha Stewart to make the flame.

I kept the stem from the leaf and glued them down.

They are very flimsy so I reenforced the stems on the back side of the candles.

candles are done.

I glued them after I had the exact placement I wanted.

here is another pix of yesterdays card. The right side up.

I am stocking up on flowers for a boutique I will be selling at. I love reusing things I used cookie packaging to sort the flowers.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Cami's mud park shirt.

Cami is heading to Adventure Park in H.B. so she came up with this idea for her shirt. Too cute, the shirt too.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Making flowers.

I am going to be selling my crafts at a open house in Sept. I am stocking up on items to sell. Here is one idea I have.

Stampin up flower punch tutorial


punch 5-6 flowers

I used a pencil to show how far to cut into the flowers, cut 3 to medium length, 1 flower cut close to the center, cut one flower just a tiny bit, and the last one (I used 6 petals) don't cut. 

I use a paint brush to curl the petals

curl the 3 medium cut petal just a little bit in,  curl another petal a little bit tighter, the one you cut the closest to the center curl the tightest, and the one you didn't cut just curl the petals under.

using a foam base take your petal and stylist and use a circular motion in the center of the flower. 

the flower will start to cup up.

I start with the bottom petal first and build up.

attach the lowest curled petal and off set the petals so they alternate and you go up.

the third layer

on the forth layer I close up the petals a little bit.

I use the stylist to get the glue to really stick.

the fifth layer is closed up tighter.

I glue the bottoms then stick down.

the sixth and final layer is the closed up the tightest and glued down.

this is the aster punch from Martha Stewart.

I cut the petals into fringe.

to get the center into the flower I cup it around the end of the paint brush.

pop it inside.


you are done

side shot