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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stamp Club Sept 2012

this is Michele's
Well, I finally made it to a Stamp Club event. I would have thought that being off most of the summer I could have gone to the two stamp clubs. I have gotten so behind with my blog I decided to start fresh with Sept. I missed taking pictures of the two summer sessions. If I get a chance I will catch up later.

This is Jene's 

this is Cindy's

tis is Cheri's

the inside

this is Terri's

this is Kim's

this is Carey's

this is Chris's ( sorry Chris I ate the candy before I got home lol if you look closely you can see a tiny bit of the wrapper behind the teeth)

this is mine (Cynthia's)

this is Camille's She said,
'I looked inside and visualized it in 3D and thought it looked beautiful"

Kim's make and take

this is the inside and it holds a gift card.
this is Terri's make and take 

this is the 2nd card of Terri's

and this is her third beautiful make and take.
We often call stamp club our therapy group and I really did miss it. Thanks girls.