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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

June Stamp club.

It is officially our first stamp club of summer. We had the challenge of using something we bought but haven't used yet. That is a pretty easy challenge but a little hard to narrow down. Unfortunately I have many items in this category. I try very carefully to only purchase what I will use but over time I collect so much "stuff" and have less time to create  -poof-  unopened purchases or tools collecting dust. Well I not only use something unused but 3 items I haven't used. Yippee! 

Kim was our hostess this month. She had us make this unique but very appropriate 4 th of July card. I put it to good use already as a thank you note to my dear friend Yvonne who invited us to her place for,the 4 th. it was so easy to make and gave all of us another use for this versatile stamp set. 

Terri had us create this yummy cupcake card. We used some new stamps and punches from the new catalog. 
This is my card. The staples, flower, and curved sentiment were all unused until this card. My daughter was stamping right along side me. I just love how free and creative she is. She doesn't get hung up trying to get started she just goes full speed ahead and such wonderful things are created. 

Who can't use like a million of these card holders. They work for any occasion. Awesome. 

I love the back ground paper here. The colors are so bright and pretty. 

Terri made this delightful card. I love everything about it. The colors, the stamps, especially the background. I will definitely have to find a special occasion to let this one go. 

We have a new member to our group. This is her skilled craftsmanship on this card. I have seen this type of card often but have not made to attempt to copy it. I really like the Americana style of this card. I am a big fan of kraft paper. 

Cindy our librarian/teacher gave us all a book mark for our summer reading. Each one had a unique quote related to reading. 
Cindy is my hero for many reasons but this time is for her repurposing a Disney calander into envelopes. The heavy weight paper is great for making envelopes. They will protect our treasured creations on their way in the mail. 

This is the card Cindy made for us. I think the background stamp looks stunning in embossed gold. 

Michele has returned. She is making up for lost time. Check out this retro can she created. The top medallion is magnetic and can be removed. 
Inside is all the fixings for a personal s'more. 

This is Michele's birthday card. The dog is made from different punches too cute. The bottom card I can't remember who made. I have waited too long to post so a huge I'm sorry to the stamp ladies. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

May stamp club

Three posts in one week it must be a record. 
The stamp group met again in May and our theme was baby cards. This month I was following directions. Cindy was our hostess and she had these bright springy birthday cards for us to make. She is always go generous and had two styles for us to make and then gave me an extra set so my daughter could make a set too. 

I'm so sorry if I post so many pictures of my cats. They are so curious and follow me every where. I just love their company and they are so beautiful with their tabby markings. Ginger is the girl and Pepper is the boy. We adopted them from a box left at our church 4 years ago. 

Pepper was posing how could I not take his picture. This is my baby card. I cased a card I found on Pinterest. I used the die cuts from one of the schools I work at to get the large B. My paper was from a paper pack I have had in my Stash for years. I wanted a card that could be male or female. 

I used a sheep Washi tape I found at this wonderful Japanese store called Daiso near my home. 

Our hostess Cindy made these three cute tags with envelopes. 

Monica made this elegant baby card. I love the monochromatic white layout she used. So many different textures and the clean sharp edges I just love. 

Jene is the creator of this polka dot card. I love the color combinations.
Cindy had this card as a make up card as well. I just forgot what the theme was. My bad for waiting too long to post this. 

Terri had us make this creative graduation card for her make and take. I'm glad I took these pictures since I already gave it away in June. 

This is a paper bag that Cindy also made. She missed a stamp get together and brought this to "catch up" with us. She too thought the last meeting was to make bag tags just like me. Cindy's think alike. She filled it with candy yum!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

April Stamp Club

Carey not only can stamp but she also an accomplished baker. She provided these sweet treats for all of us to take home and share. She was our hostess and she had us all make this adorable tag for the clamshell container. 

Photo bomber! She wasn't going to let these yummies outta her sight. 
There is keylime, red velvet, and chocolate flavors. 

To be honest it's been too long and I cannot remember who made these two cards. I love the Washi tape design with the red and yellow. I have quite a few tapes myself 
This robin card is so cheerful, it could go to a youngster or mature birthday celebrator. 

Terri put this one together for us I love the background paper and of course butterflies are my all time favorite. It will be hard for me to part with this one. I bought the paper that goes with this card, it is so beautiful. 

This is Chris's birthday card. I love the little pearls in the flowers. It is so clean and pretty. 

Monica was the creator of this easel card, it is so bright and cheerful. 

Jene made this lovely chalkboard card.  She used so many of her new goodies to create this. 
Terri had us make this classy card. I love book pages as background paper. I of course ordered this stamp too. So pretty. 

Well I don't like to admit this but I made a mistake, the first suggestion for is months stamp club was gift bags and that is what I stuck with. Later on it was changed to birthday cards. I guess you could wrap a birthday gift up in this and it would qualify. 
Well thank you for being so patient with me. I hope to post more regularly. I will have more time to create next month. Cheers- \|"/