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Friday, July 18, 2014

Baby book

My husbands cousin is having her first baby. She lives in Florida and invited us to her shower. Unfortunately I can't afford to fly out there but I wanted something I could send that meant a little more than clothes. I searched home made scrapbooks on Pinterest and found this super fun and easy book I could make. I followed the YouTube video and really like how it turned out. 
Front cover
This has a pocket 

The scrapbook is the same on both sides as you unfold the pages. I added several pockets and places the slide in photos. 

This is a pocket

Another pocket 

More pockets 

This is the full size of the book. 

I think in total you can add 12-15 4 by 6 photos or add journaling. 
I made a paper box to send it in the mail. I added a little Velcro closure so she could reuse the box if he wishes.