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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sleep away camp

I borrowed this idea from Pinterest, my son went to church camp for a week and I wanted him to know I was thinking of him.  I hid this in his duffel bag. 

I took different kinds of candies I thought would not melt in the heat.  I added tiny messages inside of each day that kind of referred to the candy inside.  

It looks so cute and when my son came home he told me he finally found it on day three and it made him smile.  

My second round of glitter clips.

I am at it again with my glitter clips. These are the tools I used for my clips. 

Using a paint brush I put the glue on the clip.

After the glue is on, shake on the glitter.

I leave the glitter on the clips until I am done with all the clips I want in that color.  

When all clips are done in that color I tap it off.

I work one side at a time and let it dry.  

I always use a scrap piece of paper under my work so I can return the excess glitter back into the container.  

Back it goes.

To keep the glitter in place longer I apply a thin layer of clear acrylic sealer.  I do this outside because of the intense smell from the sealer.  It takes about one day for the smell to go away.

I have had a time where I added too much sealer and the glitter didn't have much shine. The lighter I go with the sealer the better it turns out.  

I will be selling my crafts at a boutique in a few weeks so I wanted to make a box to display the clips. Being the thrifty girl I am, I used an empty Bisquick box.  I figured out the dimensions I wanted for my box(I really just eyeballed the size) and cut away the pieces I did not need.  

After deciding on the dimensions I wanted for depth  the box I scored it on both sides.  I outlined it in black to show you here.

To make the sides, cut just to the first line about an inch or so on all four sides.  

I didn't take a picture of this, but I glued a piece of patterned paper over the yellow side of the box.  I used Alene's tacky glue and used some clothes pins to make it stay.

When all is said and done I wished I had folded the pattern paper over the side of the box.  You can still see a little bit of the yellow under the edge of the paper.

Here is the finished product.  

Revamping some old 4th of July decorations

Hi there, this post should have been edited weeks ago. Sorry for the July throw back. I have been lacking in my blogging.  Anyway...... Here are some stars I revamped.  I almost tossed these because the colors had faded from hanging in my front window for many fourths of July.  Thankfully I stopped myself and look what happened. I hope you like this transformation and are inspired to give some of your items a makeover too.  

Basically I just used some old book pages and tore them to fit inside the outline of the stars. Then I decoupaged the torn paper onto the stars.  I liked how a bit of the original color from the star still peeked out.  
For the embellishments I used some paper from K&Co. I found at Ross.  I used my scallop punch and punched out two scallops and then accordion folded them and adhered them to each other.  I used my glue gun to adhere the medallion to the star.  Then I popped a gem into the center.  

For this medallion I scored a piece of 12 x18 (I had to lengthen the paper after I scored it) paper every quarter inch and used score tape to attach it to itself.  

Here is a side by side pix.

I used various sizes of medallions and centers.  

As the glue was drying from the decoupage  I added some silver glitter that you can kind of see here.  

There are a total of 6 stars and it didn't take very long to complete the transformation.