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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Something a little different.

Hi there, along with my paper passion I also a fitness buff. I try to practice what I preach with diet and exercise. I have some friends who wanted to know about my lunch wraps. I take them every where. I am driving all over the west side of Long Beach these days for work and I eat on my car every day. I came up with these wraps out of necessity. I needed a sturdy meal that I could eat on the "run". I pack a cooler everyday and I hated when my containers leaked, I couldn't warm up my food, or my sandwitch got crushed. Now I don't have that worry. 
 My whole wheat tortillas (for some reason I always like to make 2 or more wraps. I don't always eat them both but since they are kept cold I will often eat the second one the next day or if I work again at night it will become my dinner).
I spread hummus instead of mayo 
Add some cheese (it sticks to the hummus so I won't fall out when I roll this up).
I used canned chicken but the insides are up to you. 
I added avocado, they are in season right now and ours are so ripe I need to use them up. 
I love spinach it holds up much better than lettuce and I know it has more nutritional value. 
Tomatoes are great but can make the tortilla soggy since they are so juicy. I omitted them today. 
I tuck everything in and roll as tightly as I can but be careful the tortillas can rip  
Into the ziplock bag they go. 
I have ice blocks under the food and water bottle. 
My soft lunch sack with my other items goes on top and I am good to go. I hope you give these a try and come up with your own recipe and share it too. 


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Thank you

This card was made for a lovely lady who gave me some beautiful crafting supplies she no longer wanted. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Feburary's stamp club

Hello all, had a wonderful time at our Feburary stamp club. The theme was Tween boys birthday. I think everyone nailed it. The first card is mine and the one I used as  my make and take. I made several slightly different ones ( paper only) for the ladies to refer to as we made it. 

Cares de this one and she stamped out 3 different sports balls to match the birthday boys favorite. 
Terri's make and take. 
Monica brought a make up card from a while ago. (Heritages)
Since I took so long to write this post I forgot who made which card. So I apologize if I incorrectly labeled the cards