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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I was on a create as needed weekend

I just love this cascading card, my friend Terri told me about this so I searched for it on Youtube and about 100 tutorials came up. I closed my eyes and picked one and tada! I made one. This kind of card is good for using die cuts, stickers, and punched out items. I took a sheet from a Martha Stewart pad I had and cut out the individual little pictures.
This is my new favorite kind of card, the cascading card.

I followed a really easy tutorial I found on Youtube. The one thing I couldn't control was how the two sides came together. The first card I made had white on the back side of the paper  I didn't really like that. When I tried to cut a second piece the white always showed up at some of the folds. I decided to use double sided paper and I liked that much better.

 a side shot, the card can fit into and envelope if you don't go crazy with the embellishments.  Obviously mine cannot. No worries I just didn't put it in one. 

I had to add a few pictures of the cake from the 1st birthday we went to

my sister-in-law made this. She said it took about 4 days on and off.

everything is edible. 
 Iwent to a baby shower and I made a set of thank you cards for the mother to be.

I kept it very simple, not really knowing the mothers taste in stationary and I wanted them to fit into envelopes.

I added a few without baby stamps on them for other occasions 

all tied up with a bow

there are 20 cards with envelopes

The finished product

This is what all those flowers were for. Yvonne out did herself at the party. It was festive and fun. A good time was had by all.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tissue flowers

Check these out, I was hired to make these for center pieces. My dear friend Yvonne is hosting her daughters baby shower and it has an baseball theme. She is using popcorn boxes filled with candy and these flowers and an Angels pennant. It's going to be so cute.  

being an avid Pinterest user, I came across several tutorials on how to make these. They go pretty fast,  I did most of them while watching movies with the kids.
there are 72 in all.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Camille is very creative

Camille came up with coloring on these decoator marbles herself. She used a Sharpie and they came out so cute.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

My inspiration and creative daughter's artwork.

Camille created this on a dry erase board. She has skills I say and she I only 7 yrs old.

Upcycled paperbag flower tutorial

These are the supplies you will need: paper lunch sacks, flower punches or die cuts, glue and scissors.

punch out several sizes of each flower, I didn't stop punching until  I had used up the whole bag. 

to make the  large size flower you need 3 large petals, 3 medium petals, and 2 small petals.

place a dab of glue in the center of all petals except the top small petal.

place the 3 large petals on top of each other alternating them so the petals overlap.

now it is time to layer the medium petals

finally place the 2 small petals with the one without glue on top.

I make about 4 at a time let them sit a bit and then it is time to pinch them into shape.

using my fingers I pinch from the bottom of the flower and shape the petals and fan them out.

keeping a tight squeeze of the flower I fluff it out and set it aside to dry. It is kind of important to let the glue set up a bit before the pinching process. 

when you have the shape you want let the flowers dry completely (I let them dry over night). 

they take on a very realistic look.  When they are dry you can paint them, glimmer mist them, or alter their color any way you want. If I am going to use the flowers right away I use my embossing gun to dry the color or glue, just don't burn the paper.

these are spiral flowers  

I just love when I get my supplies for "free". I made these from a El Pollo Loco bag.  Nothing is safe in our house.

I used the print from the brown bag to make the brown one and the white one is from a Kaiser prescription bag.

these are made using just the small punched petals.

these are the medium sized petals with 2 small petals in the center.

the spiral flowers.

When you get the technique down it goes quite fast. This is about 2 hours worth of work. 

here they are all nestled together.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

a frame fit for a graduate

I punched out several different kinds of flowers and used a brad to keep them together and then scrunch the heck out of them.

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these are the close-ups and you can see the glitter on the edges.

I made the leaves using a heart punch and then uses deco scissors to shape them.

Anytime I leave my projects unattended our kitty cats hop right up on them.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

a couple of cards

I had to make this card, My daughter had been struggling with her subtraction facts and a wonderful volunteer Mrs Cox(my daughter told me her name I  haven't met her yet) cheered her on and gave her hints and got her to pass her timed tests. Aleluia

My new favorite flowers

I added the bling

they are quite thick
 Now on to the birthday card.
I saw this on Stampin with Frenchie and she has a very simple tutorial to follow on Youtube. 

Frenchie called this a cascade card

I was a bit discouraged when I saw the white I tried to fold the two colors so they both show but I wasn't using double sided paper.

I added the glitter to the flames that I made from a leaf punch. 

the sunshine just made this shine too.

I am defiantly making more of these.