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Friday, July 29, 2011

Hi there, I took a moment this morning and make a recycled material flower.

this is where I used the extra material from my workout pants that are now workout shorts. 

I cut off the finished edge (hem) and then sewed a stich along the whole strip.

when I got to the end I pulled the thread and created the ruffel and then made it form the flower shape.

using the same thread I made some anchor stiches the keep the material in the shape I wanted.

I added a button to the center of this flower. I think it is just the right touch.

I glued some ribbon to the hair clips I wanted to use.
Using the same glue (fabric tack) I glued the clip the the flower.

With this flower I used an unfinished edge for a more ruffely ( is that even a word?) look. This one doesn't really have a center so I just glued a few silk leaves to this one and then adheared the clip.

both are super cute and have just a little differnt look.
I hope you liked this tutorial and will make many of these yourself.  Leave a comment if you have any questions or have some suggestions thanks, Cyn

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